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3Doodler Create Pedal

Let your imagination run wild when you can give yourself the ability to Doodle from any angle and for longer periods of time with the new 3Doodler Create Pedal! Compatible with both the 3Doodler v.1, 2.0, and Create, this device connects to the 3Doodler’s unique control port and gives you the ability to control your Doodles by foot or by your other hand.
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Ships from the USA within 24-48 hours, delivery options available on checkout.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which 3Doodler products are compatible with what 3Doodler pens?
You can view a comprehensive compatibility chart here:
Are different sized nozzles available for the 3Doodler Create+?
Yes, we sell a nozzle set with 6 interchangeable nozzle so you can experiment with different textures and techniques.
Can I use the current Create/Create+ DoodlePad with the Wood filament?
Of course! Just flip to the back side of the DoodlePad. Your creations will get stuck on the front side if you Doodle in Wood on it!

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