3Doodler Create+ Nozzle Set

New Item!
New for 2022!
  • Cool New Textures & Designs: Swap out between six different nozzle tips to customize your outcome.
  • Six New Tips: Includes an ultrafine 0.5mm tip, a thicker 1.5mm tip, as well as a Triangle, Ribbon, Noodle and Angled nozzle.
  • Make the Smoothest Doodles: The angled nozzle can also be used as a smoothing tool smoothing tool, allowing you to smooth your Doodles to perfection.
  • Nozzle Holder and Remover: Everything comes in a convenient storage case, that doubles as the tool you need to swap out nozzle tips!
  • Expand the Capabilities of Your Create+ 3D Pen! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which 3Doodler products are compatible with what 3Doodler pens?
You can view a comprehensive compatibility chart here: www.the3doodler.com/compatibility
Are different sized nozzles available for the 3Doodler Create+?
Yes, we sell a nozzle set with 6 interchangeable nozzle so you can experiment with different textures and techniques.
Can I use the current Create/Create+ DoodlePad with the Wood filament?
Of course! Just flip to the back side of the DoodlePad. Your creations will get stuck on the front side if you Doodle in Wood on it!

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