Pen Sets

Our award-winning 3Doodler Start pen is designed to be safe for ages 6+, and very easy to use. Choose your favorite Pen Set and start bringing your ideas to life in 3D!

3Doodler Start "Learn from Home" Pen Set Regular price $94.99


Our wide range of 3Doodler Start Activity Kits come with Accessories, Activity Guides, and Start Plastics to help you bring your creations to life.


Designed to make it easier for anyone to create 3D shapes and designs, our 3Doodler Start accessories give you everything you need to level up your Doodling.


Our Eco-Plastic is non-toxic, BPA-free, biodegradable, and melts at low temperatures. Compatible only with the 3Doodler Start pen, our plastic packs and tubes provide you with hours of fun and play!