3Doodler Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set

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  • The latest version of the world’s first 3D Printing Pen: Dual-drive technology features improved power durability and reliability for anyone ages 14+.
  • No Learning Curve: No complicated software or hardware learning curve. Just plug in, turn on, add plastic, and begin creating!
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: The BPA-free, non-toxic 3Doodler Create plastic refills are industrially compostable and/or recyclable!

Take your doodling to the next level by creating cool new textures and designs with the 3Doodler Create Nozzle Set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What plastics can I use with the 3Doodler Create?
The 3Doodler Create is compatible with official 3Doodler ABS, PLA, and FLEXY filaments. Please do not try to use the 3Doodler Create with any third party filaments, or 3Doodler filaments exclusively for the 3Doodler PRO or the 3Doodler Start.
Does 3Doodler plastic emit harmful fumes?
3Doodler plastics have been tested for heavy metals, and have undergone full toxicological risk assessments, passing each and every test. Some users notice a slight "plasticy" smell when using ABS. Many users prefer the smell of PLA, which, being corn based, can smell like popcorn. No matter what material you're using, and whether you're using a 3Doodler or a traditional 3D printer, we recommend working in a ventilated area.
What kind of maintenance is required?
The 3Doodler does not require much in the way of maintenance. Please see our other FAQ in the event of feed issues or jams, or feel free to contact us by emailing here: help@the3doodler.com

What's in the Box

  • A.3Doodler Create + 3D Printing Pen
  • B.75x 3mm PLA Plastic Strands in 15 colors
  • C.Power Adaptor
  • D.Maintenance Tools
  • +Ultimate Guide to Doodling Includes Quick Start Guide & 5 step-by-step projects
  • +Instruction Manual

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